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Hi! I'm LouBee, welcome to my cyber orphanage!

To adopt one of my sweet orphans (or a bee like myself)
please abide by a few simple rules:

  1. You MUST have a webpage that is "Kid-Friendly"
    (i.e. NO adult content or inappropriate material).
  2. You MUST choose a Birth Certificate and link it back to my page at
  3. You must NOT direct-link to any of my graphics.
    You must download each image to your own hard-drive or disk
    and then upload each image to your webpage.
    Please don't alter my graphics in any way.
  4. Finally, you MUST sign my guestbook and
    leave your webpage address so I can visit my orphans.

Thank you kindly for following my requests!

Feel free to adopt as many bees, babies, bunnies and pixies as you like
as long as you link back here with at least one birth certificate.

Check back here often, there are new orphans to be delivered!

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Please sign...I would love to visit your page too!

If you are willing to abide by my rules,
enter the orphanage here!

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All Graphics Made with Love by LouBee
(c) 1999-2000